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Virgo Full Moon and Saturn Enters Pisces

Only an hour after the Full Moon arrives, Saturn leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. I combined these events because the Pisces energy is in the Full Moon polarity and I move from this into describing what you can expect from Saturn in the sign ruled by Neptune...structure and boundaries (Saturn) combined with formlessness and vulnerability.

At 42 minutes, the Podcast is longer than usual because I go through the potential experiences for Saturn in Pisces for all 12 sun/ascendant signs.

If you want to know where Saturn's transit in Pisces will take place in your chart and any of the challenging moments that may arise, find information about the Natal Chart Astrology Reading and a way to order yours on the Astrology Readings page. Other forms of payment are also accepted and you can Contact Me for more information about this and to learn about classes, counselling, consultations for Bach Flower Remedies or Essential Oil blends, and more.

Art: Aysem Akso

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