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VIBRATIONAL HEALING WITH BACH FLOWER REMEDIES--an Online Workshop, Saturday, October 3rd, Noon EDT

Why Learn About Bach Flower Remedies?

During the 1930s, English Physician Dr. Edward Bach created his 38 vibrational energy remedies as a response to addressing the underlying cause of physical complaints. Aware that people experienced the same illness with a different negative attitude or emotion, his flower remedies were able to alter the emotional and mental state to speed and assist the healing process.

Why Now?

In times of stress, like we are experiencing now, these Flower Remedies can also be used to address the mental and emotional state itself, bringing fast, safe, and affordable relief. Knowing how the mind and emotions affect our physical body, using the right flower essence can prevent further issues while bringing peace to our general state of being.

This workshop will describe:

The philosophy of Bach Flower Remedies

How they came into being and continue to be created today

How they are used

Who can use them, methods of application, and how to adapt for those with special needs

And you will learn:

The nature of all the 38 Remedies

Dr. Bach's method for selecting the right Bach Flower Remedies for self and others

How to create a Remedy with this method (and practice doing this)

Where to purchase Remedies and Resources for Reading.

How to get a Bach Flower Consultation with Shellie

Your investment: Only $22 before September 27th ($33 thereafter). REGISTER HERE NOW!

The Zoom link to join the workshop will be emailed after registration is completed.

Instructor Shellie Enteen has been a Bach Flower Practitioner and Teacher for 40 years. She often suggests Bach Flower Remedies for her private Astrology clients and in her Daily Astrology Forecasts on Facebook’s Astralessence page. CONTACT SHELLIE for more information.

Note: For those completing this workshop, BACH FLOWERS PART TWO will explore some other fascinating ways Bach Flowers can be identified and utilized.

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