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Venus Visits the Capricorn Underworld

Venus retrogrades in 26 Capricorn on Sunday, Dec. 19th. There is a lot to know so you can get the benefits of her retrograde cycle in this sign. It also helps to know where 11 to 26 degrees of Capricorn falls in your birth chart. This will show the area of life that is most affected for you.

This LINK takes you to the 24 minute podcast. CLICK HERE to find out about the Natal Chart Reading and order yours for 2022. That reading will include the retrograde of Venus location because this retrograde ends on January 29th and leaves the shadow degrees when it returns to 26 degrees Capricorn on March 1st.

Consider giving a Natal Chart Reading as a gift with benefits for all of 2022.

Art: Edmund Dulac

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