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Thoughts on Mercury's Retrograde Cycle

A few thoughts about MERCURY RETROGRADE. These words seem to strike fear into people's hearts, but this cycle comes three to four times each year and we somehow survive it. Maybe we should focus on the positive qualities and how to get the most benefit from Mercury's retrograde.

First, here are the dates of 2020's Mercury retrogrades and the sign it will be in for that period: February 16 to March 9 retrograde in Pisces and late Aquarius June 17 to July 12 retrograde in Cancer October 13 to November 3 retrograde in early Scorpio and late Libra.

It is good to know when the retrograde is coming because we do advise not starting new things, signing contracts, making major purchases or big decisions during this cycle if it involves something new. And that is because while Mercury is retrograde we are going back over thoughts, communications, and decisions. When Mercury goes direct, we will see things differently and may regret our retrograde choices. But it's okay to keep working on a project begun before the retrograde or revisit and review things, too.

In fact, any 're' work is appropriate during the retrograde of Mercury...well, almost any. The word 'remember' is a challenge and we should remember before the retrograde that this cycle will be a time to make lists, double check on meetings to have the right date, time and location, and stay conscious of where we are putting our keys. We might need to focus more on simple mundane tasks we do routinely, including driving. We should expect some glitches in communication or an inability to reach someone. Even GPS can have a bad day during Mercury retrograde.

But there is benefit in Mercury becoming internalized. In our 3D world, we are in constant motion--now more than ever. We are always reachable, have constant messages coming in and a need to respond due to electronic devices. Just as we have to breathe out after breathing in, our mind needs time to process and assimilate information. If we allow it to do that, we will feel less stress and plan to use the retrograde for all appropriate purposes, including time in meditation or silence.

Mercury and Gemini are associated with the lungs in Western Astrology and with the stomach in Oriental medicine. Both of these organs/systems can only fill up so much before they need to be emptied and move to another process that allows us to utilize what came in. The mind can only take in so much before it needs to process (ponder) so that understanding can occur.

2020's Mercury retrogrades begin in water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) so they will involve feelings--a placement that isn't easy for logical, analytical, information gathering Mercury even when direct. Where it falls in the chart adds to the experience. Be aware that allowing intuition and feelings to be a part of mental processing will also help.

Knowing the influence of all the natural cycles helps us utilize time wisely. For example, the Solar cycle has a direct relationship to life--growing and birthing;reaping and releasing. The same occurs with the Lunar cycle though on a more responsive, emotional level. Being in tune with the natural energy flow of cycles gives us greater productivity and health. Resisting the natural flow is exhausting and weakens. Look at the natural flow of Mercury this way, too, acknowledging the meaning and requirements, and you may find the experience becomes much easier. 😉✨💜

For more information about how the cycles affect you, contact me for ways to get a reading of your birth chart.

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