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The Triple Conjunction of 2022

Uranus is now on the 18th degree of Taurus where it stations, retrogrades and remains until October slipping down to 17 degrees on October 12th. While on 18 degrees, it will be exactly conjunct the north node from July 30th to August 10th and Mars in Taurus will join both from July 31 to August 2nd.

Due to this extensive time spent on that degree and another Saturn Square from Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus Saturn retrogrades to this degree on October 1st- Oct. 12th, it seemed well-worth looking up the Sabian symbol. There's no zero in this method so this becomes Taurus 19 and the phrase is 'a newly formed continent.' Since we have the surprising changes of Uranus in the earth sign that resonates with land and nature and mountains in specific, we might well wonder what will happen on a geophysical level with this, too.

We certainly can expect a significant development (or more than one) at this time...something that awakens consciousness of the natural world, perhaps? Or some major upheaval on the planet? Or a new map of a country forming? A new world in terms of the economy? We have already seen some of this as the aspect approached: The army (Mars) stopping people from getting their money (Taurus) out of the bank in China, the volcanic eruption in Japan, the 7.1 earthquake in the Philippines, for example.

Uranus has, in my opinion, been in this sign to teach us the universal life energy that flows through all things in the manifested world and our responsibility to understand how our own energy (affected by our thoughts and emotions) affects the whole. My current advice is to be aware of this and choose to vision what you would like to see instead of dwelling on what's wrong. Also, allow the intuition of Uranus to inform your version of reality and truth.

Individuals with planets in the other fixed signs on or near this degree will be challenged by squares and oppositions. People with planets in other earth and water signs (other than Scorpio) will have a benefit from this.

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