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The Four Major Shifts of 2020--Special Report For You!

This Special Report delineates the timing and meanings of the Four Major Planetary Energy Shifts of 2020, beginning with January. It also provides Positive Strategies for each, including suggestions for using Bach Flowers and Essential Oils. AND it contains specific, individual information for you.

While this is not a full reading of your birth chart, the report describes which areas of life are highlighted for you during each of the important planetary shifts listed and if there is any specific connection to your chart that should be noted. The PDF report will be sent to the email address you provide.

Your full birth information (date, time, location) is required to discover and convey your specific individual information and you can send that to me HERE.

Purchase The Four Major Shifts of 2020, emailed to you, for $44. It will be on-hand to remind you of the energy flow and keep you on a positive path as the year of change progresses. You can safely BUY NOW via PayPal OR Add numerology information about the Universal Year and your Personal Year Vibration and purchase with The Four Major Shifts of 2020 for an additional charge of $10 or a total of $55. BUY NOW

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