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The Beautiful Truth -- an evolutionary path

Readers, please note: the first three paragraphs below are for those who want to know what lunar nodes are and how they function. The information on our current evolutionary agenda seen through the current nodes entering s. node Sagittarius and n. node Gemini begins with the fourth paragraph.

The lunar nodes occur on a point where the orbit of the earth and moon around the Sun intersect (not physically, of course) to create the perfect alignment between Sun, Earth and Moon that causes the light-blocking shadow which we experience as an Eclipse of the Sun or Moon.

On May 5th, the evolutionary Lunar Nodes changed signs. An Eclipse alignment creates a powerful energy shift, and so the sign where it occurs can give us the ability to experience where things must change. If we understand this, we are not victims of the change, but participants in seeking the best outcome.

In our own birth charts, we have a point where there is a south node and a north node. And just as it functions in the chart of individuals, the collective experience of the current nodes now in our sky reveal where we have need of changing from negative expressions of a sign that are habitual in nature and may exist over lifetimes or ages (south node), and how we can lift our focus to the highest aspect of that sign, moving toward the most positive expression of the polar opposite sign where we find the north node. Doing so provides an evolution of individual and collective consciousness. For the collective, this evolution can change the world as we know it.

Since we live in a state of duality, each zodiac sign has positive and negative qualities. With the south node transit of Sagittarius, we must become aware of the negative qualities first. Sagittarius is the sign that deals with expansion into higher knowledge and broader perspectives. However the individual and/or collective mind, seeking to feel secure, may latch onto a piece of information or perspective and decide that is as far as it goes, forming a belief system that is never questioned. An aspect of this can be organized religion and specific, never-changing rituals. It can be found in any level of higher study that is deemed ‘all there is to know about this’ and so the information is put in a box, labeled, and the lid is firmly closed. When challenged on the belief, an individual or culture can become angry and righteous in defense.

This behavior belies the mutable aspect of this sign which would teach us that there is never an end to the knowledge we can discover as we are humans and not the highest mind, which is that of the creator of all things. Stuck in dogma, or the knowledge we gained during professional, college, or post graduate studies, we refuse to expand and grow which is the positive nature of this mutable sign, ruled by Jupiter.

The good news is that we can easily detect this in ourselves if we are willing to look at these beliefs and rituals or feel the discomfort that comes if our belief is challenged. We can decide to expand and allow more knowledge which may transform our perceptions. We can be more inclusive of the beliefs of others to see the similarities to our own. We can be at peace, instead of going to war with others over our conceptions of truth. And the seeking of truth is a quality of Sagittarius, which is a never-ending process.

In terms of dogma, in the positive sense, Sagittarius relates to Natural Law as opposed to the laws of man. These are the laws of the universe and how we experience them. An example is the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

In ancient days, people were in a close interactive, interdependent relationship with nature (Natural Law) and had less of what we now know as an organized religion and more a repeating cycle of honoring and celebrating events in the natural phenomena occurring around them. The beginning of seasons, the hours of light, and so on. As the centaur image for Sagittarius points his arrow upward, we may see this as a message to relate again to the sky itself; the cycles of the Sun and Moon, and feel our connection to this and the natural world around us.

Moving into this awareness, we approach the north node in Gemini. We gather more information and we perceive our understanding of the mind and levels of thought. We become aware of the affect of our thoughts on our body and expand to perceive how this thought is communicating to all around us; even to those far away. We may choose to study this topic and to find practices that help us focus on perceiving thought and allowing negative vibrations to flow away, shifting to positive thoughts instead. We may learn how affirmations should be said and how they work when accepted by the subconscious mind.

We notice our verbal or written communications and the energy we put into these and what experience it creates. If we see conflict arise, we may find a different way to communicate for the best or most benevolent outcome. And we may begin to communicate, outwardly or inwardly, with the other kingdoms of life around us, and even with that which we consider inanimate, though it consists of whirling atoms just as we are, albeit it at a slower rate. The telepathic quality of the mind may also increase.

The houses of the birth chart holding this nodal transit will be the areas where we explore this lesson individually. It this sounds like a big task, remember we have time to learn these lessons and will find an accelerated awareness about them on the energy level when Saturn re-enters Aquarius at the end of 2020, and Jupiter joins Saturn in December. The nodes will be in these signs until they shift to s. node Scorpio, n. node Taurus in January 2022.

I personally see this as an exciting development following the paradigm shift of January 2020. It shows us the way we can create a positive future. The transit of Venus in Gemini now, and the retrograde beginning on May 14th, tells us another key is Love. We can choose to see how much love and harmony is in our thoughts; how much beauty we envision and communicate about.

I would be happy to assist you in seeing the way these evolutionary nodes appear in your chart. CONTACT ME for ways to get a reading.

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