SPRING EQUINOX--Find the Balance

The Sun leaves the water realms for the fire kingdom of Aries at 11:50 p.m. Eastern on March 19th and this brings the Vernal Equinox...the time of equal hours of day and night...in the spring.

Both of the equinoxes put us naturally into the realm of observing balance. With Aries, this observing has to do with action, or lack thereof. It has to do with leadership, protection, passion, desire, motivation, heat, movement in general, invention, adventure, initiating, courage and expressing the individuated self. All of this be viewed in the positive sense and will be so when the Mars/Aries energy is balanced.

When imbalanced, Mars/Aries energy leads to war, competition, argument, violence, over-heating, burns, cuts, wounding, bullying, demanding leadership, me-first, selfishness and lack of lasting commitment to people, places, projects and situations.

How balanced are we? How balanced are others around us?

Aries is the cardinal fire that is the spark of creation and the I AM. And it rules the head, face brain, and in oriental medicine, the lungs. The 'coincidence' of a severe respiratory virus with the Aries energy coming in now must be examined to find where the imbalance lies.

Centaur Chiron, the wounded healer, is in Aries now so there are lessons and wounds to examine in the qualities of this sign. It is square Centaur Pholus, who was a diviner of entrails and holder of the sacred ancestral wine. Pholus would teach us to 'listen to your gut' and to remember that when the wine is opened, all 'heck' may break loose. But it can result in a clearing of ancestral issues.

We have brought the Aries Age with us in our bones... the blood transfer of ancestral information lives there. The Sacred Wine bearer is now in Capricorn, ruler of bones and of our consensus beliefs, traditions, and agreements.

While many literally go within to self-isolate and social-distance, we might also see where old wounds have come from ancestral energy and, seeing the cause and these effects, release the past to create anew.

This will be fueled by the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn--at the 22nd degree where the Saturn Pluto conjunction took place. Exact at 7:35 a.m. Friday.

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Art: Tristan Elwell

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