Special Relationship Reading Offer for February

Valentine’s Day is on the way. What do the Planets say about your Relationship?

When we meet another person, we begin a dance with the planetary energies of their birth chart. Some of the steps are smooth, some are off the beat, and sometimes one partner keeps stepping on the other’s foot. How can astrology explain the energies in your relationship and teach you how to benefit from the dance, or see if it is time to choose another partner?

The easiest way is to compare the charts of each person and see how the planets interact. This is called a Comparison Chart and it will also indicate where the other person’s planets fall in your chart (and vice versa) to see where those energy influences are most active.

Relationship Comparison Charts can be done for any type of relationship interaction: Romantic, Business, Family, and Friendship.

I am offering a Valentine’s Month Special for the Reading of the Chart Comparison: A $99 value, throughout the month of February, a Comparison Chart Reading is $77. ORDER NOW

Once payment is received, I will contact you for the birth information (date, time and location) for both people and to set up an appointment. The reading is recorded via teleconference call. You can choose to be on a teleconference call with me or not. The recorded mp3 link is emailed to you.

If you need more information about your relationship, along with a look at both birth charts and the Comparison charts, we add the reading of the Composite Chart: this is the Chart of the Relationship itself, created by the combined planets and placements of both birth charts. Like the Natal (birth) Chart, the Composite can be progressed, and current transiting influences can also be seen. It's important to have all birth information (date, time, and location) for both people.

Click HERE for more information and to receive $25 off the Composite Chart Reading during the month of February, CONTACT ME and I will send an invoice for $275, $25 off the regular price of $300.

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