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Special Offers from Shellie--Readings and Classes

The coming Mercury retrograde is a great time to study and get important information. My readers know this year has and will continue to provide planetary energies that make a big impact on our lives and in the world. Because there is so much astrological information online, it's beneficial to understand the basics of Astrology so you know and sense the meanings of these astronomical events and what is being said as it applies specifically to your chart.

At the end of June, another major astrological influence begins--Mars enters Aries and remains for an unusually long time, retrograding and going direct, until it finally leaves in January of 2020. This is action and passion to the max. And it will make aspects to other planets that will affect the world and may have impact on your chart, too.

So, I've decided to offer things now to help my readers and clients navigate well through this unusual time:

1. BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ASTROLOGY online webinar series that will give you the understanding you need about how astrologers read the energy of planets in signs.

The ancient science and art of Astrology is based on the basic principles that are natural laws of our 3rd dimensional world. If you are interested in Astrology, an understanding these basic principles is essential. It demystifies the meanings of signs, planets, and cycles; expanding personal awareness of astrological symbolism as it expresses in the birth chart, through current daily energies, and as the effects of longer cycles in the outer world.

This 3-week series of online classes will be held on consecutive Mondays at 11:00 a.m. Eastern, beginning on July 6th through July 20th. Classes are 60 to 90 minutes in length.

Topics we will cover:

1.The Four Elements and their three qualities of expression

2.The Element and Quality of Zodiac Signs and how they relate

3.The Mundane and Spiritual Story in the Order of Zodiac Signs and Houses

4.The Element and Quality of Planets and their relationship to the Signs and Houses

5.The Major Aspects of Planetary Relationships

6.The Meaning and Importance of Cycles

To facilitate questions, class size is limited to 20 students. A minimum number of for the class is 4. Tuition investment is $175 if you register before July 1st, and $200 thereafter. The link for classes will be sent to the email you provide when you register. This link may be used only by a registered participant. Classes will be recorded. CLICK HERE to secure your place.

2. THE MARS REPORT. Using your birth information, this report will track the movement of Mars through your birth chart and make you aware of any times when this transit affects you personally and how it will be experienced. Knowing gives you options and choices to make this time go easily and also be empowering. It will also give the dates of major aspects Mars makes to other transiting planets that will have an affect on the world.

This Report uses the birth date, time and place you provide and comes to you via email as a PDF you can download and reference. $55. CLICK HERE to order yours.

Shellie Enteen has been a Professional Astrologer for over forty years. She is also an ordained Interfaith Reverend with a background in Holistic Health Practices and Energy Work. Shellie has lectured, taught classes, and written many published articles on astrology and other subjects from her field of expertise. She is currently a regular speaker for Asheville Friends of Astrology and writes daily forecasts through her Astralessence Page on Facebook.

A personalized mentorship program of study for both Astrology and Aromatherapy is available. Contact Shellie and learn more on her website.

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