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Shifts for Uranus and the Lunar Nodes

Following on the heels of the Cancer Full Moon (hear the podcast for this lunar event HERE), the planet Uranus goes Direct in Taurus and our Evolutionary Lunar Nodes both change signs on January 18th. This becomes an even more potent combination of events since the new South Node is in Scorpio, and the new North Node is in Taurus--the sign Uranus currently transits.

In this 36 minute podcast (HERE) you will learn what all this means and what area of your life the Uranus and North Node Taurus energies will affect--and how to best manage this and get benefits from the experience, too.

For a more precise look at this and the rest of 2022 in your chart, visit the Astrology Readings page and get information about the Natal Chart Reading and order yours.

Contact Me for more information about other services I provide (classes, consultations, counseling and more).

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