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Scorpio Full Moon--Preserve or Transform

The Scorpio Full Moon occurs when the Moon is exactly opposite the Taurus Sun. This occurs on April 26th at 11:31 p.m. EDT. Feelings are intensified at the Full Moon and it is a time of fruition, revelation, and sometimes, separation. The sign of Scorpio brings the intensity of feelings to a new level.

Use this LINK to access the 23 minute podcast where you will find out what this Scorpio Full Moon brings and how you can use this information to understand the moment and empower the most beneficial outcome.

HERE is information on the Wesak Buddha Moon Festival I mention in the recording. And this LINK will take you to the Interview about the inevitability of change. And speaking of change, the Solar and Lunar Eclipses always bring change as an ending followed by a new beginning. The first of 2021's four Eclipses arrives on May 26th.

Learn how all the Eclipses of 2021 will affect your birth chart with a Special Reading: Eclipses 2021. This PDF Report will describe the areas and issues of life that will be involved in the two Lunar and two Solar eclipses (May 26, June 10, November 19, and December 4) and where you may expect to deal with change and a new beginning in relationships and the outer world. It will be emailed to you for you to save and consult during the period between May 2021 and the end of December 2021. $99 CLICK HERE to order. Note: I will need your birth information (date, time, and location--city, state, and country if not US) unless you are a returning client.

CLICK HERE to learn more about and order the Natal Chart Reading and the other Astrology Readings I offer.

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