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Sagittarius Solar Eclipse--An End and A New Beginning

The New Moon in Sagittarius is a total Solar Eclipse that arrives on December 14th at 11:17 a.m. Eastern. It is visible in the southern part of South America, Chile and Argentina.

Find out what the last of 6 Eclipses in 2020 foretells and how it affects us and the world.

This LINK takes you to the podcast.

With this Eclipse (with a 6 month orb of influence) at the beginning of a week that also holds the shift of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius and the Great Conjunction of these two planets on the Winter Solstice, creating a new collective focus for the next 20 years, now is the time to have a reading of your Natal Chart. This is how you'll know where all of this takes place and how it affects you personally. And you will have individual information about all the energy influences of 2021.

CLICK HERE to visit the Readings page and order yours. Once you I am notified of your purchase, I will contact you for information and to schedule your appointment. Readings are up to an hour and done via teleconference call with a recorded mp3 link, emailed to you. You can also choose to have your reading via Zoom.

I'll be having another chat with Jim Case on Adventures in Truth on the 30th. We'll probably look ahead at 2021 in terms of energy. I'll be posting a link to watch it live, and a link after the recording.

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