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To shift a specific vibration, you must have the right flower.

Fear is a major issue in our world today. Living with any level of constant fear is debilitating and causes more problems, including illness. For this reason, the flower holding the vibration to relieve fear was the first Dr. Bach sought and found. But is this flower always the right choice? No. Bach went on to find four more flowers for the specific vibrations of different types of fear.

This Bach Flower Remedy Workshop gives all the information you need about each of the 38 Bach Flowers, including the nuances between similar flowers which helps you know how to choose the right one(s) for yourself and others. You'll also learn how to create a multiple flower remedy and the correct methods of use. Your investment is only $22, and you will have an invaluable tool for bringing mind and emotions back to peace.

Register Now for the Bach Flower Remedy Workshop, Saturday, October 3rd at 12:00 Eastern via Zoom. Once registered, and email with more information and the Zoom link to join the workshop will be sent. Contact Me with questions about the workshop, or to have your own Bach Flower Consultation.

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