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The Treadmill of Stress

Has nine months of constant bad news, and over 5 months of life-changes due to Covid-19 issues pushed you to the edge? Having a hard time finding peace? Are certain feelings and thoughts becoming overwhelming? Having difficulties in relationships? Has your sleep and health been affected, too?

A Way to Relief

So many are struggling on with constant stress when there is a simple, safe, effective way to shift this state of being and bring your thoughts and feelings back into harmony—Bach Flower Remedies. Each Bach Flower Remedy uses the gentle but powerful vibrational energy of flowers. They have no adverse side effects, and can be used by anyone, at any age. The remedies do not affect medicines and are fine to use during pregnancy. And it helps to know this method has had a track record of success for almost 100 years.

How They Were Created

During the 1920s and 30s, English physician Dr. Edward Bach created 38 Flower Essences as the answer to his life-long mission to find a completely noninvasive form of healing. He gave up a successful practice in London to return to his birthplace in Wales, where his sensitivity and knowledge of homeopathy led him to the energy of a flower that could lift a certain lower vibrational thought and restore the connection to the higher mind. This vibratory shift restored peace that could even assist the healing of physical conditions. Over the years, he sought and found the rest of the flowers that would cover issues in seven basic categories: Fear, Uncertainty, Withdrawal from Life, Loneliness, Oversensitivity to Influences, Despondency and Despair, and Over-concern for Others.

My Background with Bach Flowers

I was introduced to Bach Flowers and trained in this method by Ellon Bach and Eric Love in in 1981. Since then, I have used this energy-healing tool with consistently great results. I have also done consultations for over 30 years and frequently recommend Bach Flowers when I do astrological consultations. Suggestions also appear in my daily astrology forecasts on Facebook when there is a general planetary energy that could affect many in an adverse way. I am also an ordained Interfaith Reverend with experience in Spiritual Counseling.

Ready for Your Individual Bach Flower Remedy Consultation?

When you are ready to feel peace and clarity again, consider having your own Bach Flower Remedy Consultation. We’ll spend up to an hour selecting the perfect individual Remedies for your specific needs. This process itself has a therapeutic effect. And you’ll learn how to create and use your Remedy and get information for any necessary resources.

How It's Done

The Consultation takes place over a teleconference call. Our talk is recorded and an mp3 link is emailed to you, along with a list of the Flowers, instruction reminders, and resources.

The Consultation is only $44. To book yours, CLICK HERE. If using Zelle, send to Once I receive notification of your payment, I will email you to set up an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

Here’s what a recent client had to say:

“I just had a wonderful experience having a Bach Flower Remedy Consultation with Shellie Enteen. I already knew something about the benefits of Bach Flowers but not enough to select a remedy.

During the consultation, Shellie made sure I understood each remedy and knew without me saying when I was uncertain about the effects of similar flowers. She explained the differences in easy terms, so I fully understood what each remedy meant.

I felt truly at ease and comfortable while I was learning and receiving at the same time. I highly recommend Shellie as a consultant and as a teacher. I’ll be taking her Bach Flower Remedy class, too!!!” Brenda T, Westminster SC

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