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This shift occurs on March 23rd at 8:13 a.m. EDT. When the retrograde cycle comes, it will go back into Capricorn (June 11th). But it will return to Aquarius again in 2024 and for a long stay.

The 31-minute podcast Pluto Enters Aquarius will give you the heads-up about what this combination means and what we can and cannot predict about the effects.

The planetary shift of Pluto and the recent shift of Saturn into Pisces are significant and will bring different energy to an area of your birth chart and aspects to your birth planets. Knowledge is power and this is a good time to have a reading so you know the road ahead. The Astrology Readings Page gives information about the Natal Chart Reading and a secure way to order yours.

There are other ways including Zelle and Venmo and you can contact me for information about this and other offerings: Classes, Consultations, Card Readings and more.

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