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Pisces New Moon--What Lies Ahead?

The Pisces New Moon arrives on the 19th for the West Coast and the 20th for Eastern Time Zone (2:06 a.m. EST).

We find ourselves near a moment of big transition in planetary energies. What can this New Moon reveal about how to set intentions for what lies ahead?

An 18-minute podcast covers this topic and can be found HERE.

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The Last Priestess, Book One of the Revealing the Druid Legacy series, is still on track to launch on February 23rd, available as an e-book, paperback, and hardcover on Amazon. The front cover was revealed in the Weekly Astrology Forecast posted on February 5th and it's getting great comments on Facebook. If you are on that social media platform, you can Follow my Shellie Enteen, Author page and find out about how to attend the Pre-Launch Online Event where I will read some of Chapter One, take questions, have an offer for attendees, and reveal a way to enter a contest to receive a free, signed paperback. HERE is a direct link to the FB Author page.

Of course, information and a direct link to the Amazon page will be posted on this website on the BOOKS page on this website when the book is available. I also have a Goodreads Author page and would be happy to have you visit the link to this new book and shelve it as a Want to Read.

Art: Hulya Ozdimir

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