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My Astrology Reading Offer and Confusion in the Age of Scams...a note to you all.

In my last podcast newsletter, I told you all about an offer for a discount on Natal Chart Readings for 2023. Because of the amount taken off by credit card and PayPal, I am offering a $15 discount to those paying by credit card and a $25 discount for those doing a direct bank transfer via Zelle. This offer is good through December 25th. (The regular price is $225.)

I had asked you to contact me and tell me which way you'd like to pay so I could either invoice you or give you the Zelle direct deposit information.

Regarding Zelle, I learned that for the first time my bank which has both my legal birth name of Barbara Michele and my 'known as' nickname of Shellie on the account, is alerting people sending via Zelle to ask if they are aware they are paying Barbara. If you see that, please know that this is perfectly safe and you can select to continue the payment.

I am sorry for the confusion. I had no idea as it has never been a problem before. But this is life in the Age of Scams and apparently Zelle has seen their share of them now and might be losing money as a result. Technology is a wonderful thing, but with Uranus, ruler of these things, in Taurus, ruler of money, we are all having to learn to adjust to the surprises that seem to appear every day.

Best wishes and I am looking forward to reading for you. Get information about the Natal Chart Reading HERE. Or CONTACT ME for more information and to order your discounted reading.

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