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"Living Through a Paradigm Shift- An Astrological Perspective"

From host, Jim Case:

Tomorrow's amazing LIVECAST with special guest host, Astrologer and Health Practitioner, Shellie Enteen. Check out the notes below. "Living Through a Paradigm Shift- An Astrological Perspective"

Join us on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, e360tv (.com or app). If you would like to interact, ask questions or make comments during the show, watch from Adventures in Truth Facebook, or The Science of Transformation Facebook page.

TOMORROW AT 7:00 PM Living Through a Paradigm Shift- An Astrological Perspective Tune in to watch live Adventures In Truth plans to go live. I am excited to welcome to the show, Shellie Enteen. With over 40 years experience writing, speaking and teaching about Astrology and Holistic Medicine, she is the perfect fit for our discussion of Living through a paradigm shift- an astrological discussion. We will talk in depth about the influences and energies that are the catalysts for the powerful change we are all experiencing. We will discuss the important role Astrology can play to understanding the energies involved, and more importantly, how we can use this understanding to navigate our way through these powerful times. This is NOT your daily horoscope. This is deep insight into the forces that can help to shape, mold, and guide our choices in these confusing times. One more amazing tool to add to your Transformation Toolkit. Ready to dive in?

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