Jupiter Retrogrades in Capricorn

The third of this week's retrogrades comes in at 10:32 a.m. Thursday when Jupiter turns retrograde in Capricorn. As it slowed to station, we may have already noticed a downshift in the flow of expansion in some part of our lives. Sagittarius and Pisces Suns and Ascendants may feel it as a general overall shift as this is their planetary ruler (before Neptune, Jupiter was the only ruler of Pisces and is still used to get relevant information for this sign). All will notice a shift in matters relating to the house with these signs on the cusp. Jupiter retrograde can help us have a wider view of places we've been stuck, especially in our relationship to the outer world and our achievements. In the collective, issues involving government, corporations, traditions, and authorities will also be revisited. Jupiter has been direct in Capricorn since December 2nd 2019. As we know, a lot has happened since then and the much discussed Saturn Pluto Conjunction on January 12th. It was just the beginning of a paradigm shift for our consensus, cultural agreements, the likes of which has not been seen since the mid 1500s, when Martin Luther challenged the Catholic Church and demanded a Bible in the language of the people. This was more radical than we my now realize since prior to this, such challengers faced death. Luther succeeded. What collective and personal challenges are we facing now and will we be as successful? In March, Capricorn Jupiter reconnected to the exact degree of the Saturn Pluto conjunction while conjunct Mars in Capricorn. Astrologers knew this would be a trigger month for the January shift, and we now know what big gun went off and its effect on our lives. Some are able to see it as a first step in our awakening (Jupiter), others are steeped in fear (Saturn) and anger (Mars), and many fluctuate between these emotions. Both retrograde Jupiter and Saturn will move back into relationship to retrograde Pluto. Jupiter makes the exact conjunction in June, while Saturn comes closest during the time Pluto revisits the 22nd degree (where the paradigm shift conjunction occurred). And that 22nd degree is where Pluto spends a long time, stationing for direct motion on October 4th. What does this mean? Clearly, the issues of the shift are still in process and a massive change in our outer world structures remains to be examined and experienced once again. At this point, Mars in Aries...a passion for leadership and self-individuation...is square to these Capricorn planets, in both its direct motion in August and its retrograde motion in October and again in direct motion in the last week of December. These will be other trigger-times. December also brings the 4th shift as Saturn and Jupiter join in Aquarius on the Solstice December 21st. These are important times and it remains for each of us to decide what energy we want to put into this shift. Will we take the road of evolution offered by s node Sagittarius and n node Gemini, looking at all things that limit the expansion of consciousness, letting go and opening up to realize there is more than what we currently believe and allow that to propel us to greater understanding of our mind's power and its affects on our body, our life, and all that connects to the energy (n node Gemini)? Take a look at your feelings about this during our current last quarter lunar phase so you will be ready to seed your intentions at the coming Gemini New Moon. If you would like me to assist you in understanding how these energies will influence your life, Contact Me for ways to get a reading.

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