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Jupiter Enters Pisces--Dipping Into the Water Realm

Before I post the information on this important planetary shift, I want to apologize to Blog subscribers who have not been receiving the notifications. As always these days, it took four attempts with tech support to get the solution. What remains a mystery to me is how a certain box was no longer ticked. If ever you notice that you're not receiving the Weekly posts, please email me HERE to let me know. And please visit the BLOG page for any information you may have missed. Thank you!

And now for the important news:


The planet of expansion leaves the air sign Aquarius and enters the deep sea waters of Pisces at 6:36 p.m. Eastern on May 13th. It's more like putting a 'big' toe into the water, as Jupiter will only transit the first two degrees of this sign before retrograding back into Aquarius. It will return to Pisces for its year-long transit on the 29th of December.

But here we have a first taste of what this energy may be like and those with planets in the first two degrees of all water and earth signs, and the mutable signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, will feel the influence most. The rest will have the influence arise in 2022. And we will all have the Jupiter influence in the birth chart house it moves through during this transit.

For all earth signs but Virgo, Jupiter in Pisces will be beneficial and bring opportunities and an optimistic state of being. Virgo has the opposition, and that will frequently feel like the frustration of trying to hit a target through waves underwater.

The other mutable signs, Gemini and Sagittarius will receive the square from Jupiter in Pisces and that will be a challenge for clarity in communications and perspectives. There can be over optimism, too, that creates overdoing or overindulging.

The quality of Jupiter in Pisces can bring more sensitivity to those in need and the welcome acceleration of philanthropy. Money may also begin to pour into the needs for cleaning up toxicity in water and debris in our oceans.

Jupiter in Pisces will be a boon to many in the creative arts as it fuels visions and inspires music and dance. This can also be helpful for everyone in spiritual work, or those who open to receive psychic messages.

Expansion may also come in undesired ways as more use of alcohol and drugs, including pharmaceuticals. But there can also be new laws enacted in these areas.

Another issue that can come is the expansion of the sea in terms of water, which can be due to accelerated melting of ice caps, and the subsequent issue of flooding for low-lying, coastal areas. This also brings more water to accelerate rainfall amounts during storms.

There may be talk of restoring travel by ships and riverboats. And there is talk now of Broadway reopening as well as the renewed production of films (Piscean areas).

This first taste of Jupiter in Pisces occurs while our transiting south node is still in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, and we are still in the evolutionary curve of releasing old dogmas to expand into new consciousness. Pisces is a sign of understanding and faith which can be a way to move through the walls of old beliefs and feel something greater than this. However, it can also expand the feelings of those who choose to focus on martyrdom and victimhood.

As always, it is up to us to choose the way we will focus our energy during a planetary transit. And testing the waters now, then moving back into the objective mental sign of Aquarius, may help us choose the most beneficial, benevolent way to use the 2022 transit of Jupiter in Pisces.

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