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Jupiter Enters Pisces--again.

We had a short time with Jupiter in Pisces this year before it moved back into Aquarius, but on December 28th at 11:09 p.m. EST, it will be in Pisces again, before heading into fiery Aries May 10th. It will come back into Pisces during the retrograde phase on October 28th, going direct in Pisces on November 23rd and re-entering Aries on December 20.

Planets just aren't as neatly organized as we have come to expect things to be with our 24 hour clocks and Gregorian calendar. This transit will certainly test our ability to accept times of fluidity and uncertainty.

To find out more about what this transit of Jupiter in Pisces brings, and what signs benefit, as well as which are challenged, listen to the 29 minute podcast HERE.

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