I'll Be Live Again on Facebook: Wednesday, August 5th, at 7:30 pm Eastern.

I had a great experience and a wonderful response to my LIVE talk last week and was asked if I'd do it again. So I thought I would do a series that covers some information about helpful tools I don't fully cover in my Astrology forecasts. I'll be offering ways to connect more, too.

This week's topic: Empowerment Through Eight Cycles of the Solar Year

It's clear we are living in a very challenging time and could benefit from having ways to find a greater sense of peaceful grounding in the now. I believe the information I'll go over in this talk will provide another tool for this. The specific quality of the Eight Solar Cycles creates a natural rhythm, filled with specific purpose, as we move through the seasons. Over the last decade it became clear to me that as I acknowledge natural rhythms in the world, I feel stronger within.

And it's important to know, though this image is a Celtic Wheel that has a connection to Paganism for some, information about the Cycles is not a 'religion.' Ancestors from all over the Earth knew and honored these cycles as a way of right-living in the world, in harmonious relationship with all of creation.

The Eight Cycles of the Solar Year create a slowly spinning, circular backdrop to the planetary energies, adding another level to their effect. And, no matter what the current planetary influence is on our birth chart, knowing the meaning of the current Solar Cycle helps us align with behavior and action that is most supported. It helps us plan ahead for best results. The Cycle during which we were born will have specific meaning for our lives, too.

I think you'll find honoring the meaning of the time as we move through all the Eight Cycles of the Solar Year is a wonderful way to feel empowered within and express love and gratitude for the gifts of the natural world.

Join me LIVE on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5th for information on the Eight Cycles of our Solar Year and the Cycle we are entering now. 7:30 p.m. Eastern on the Astralessence Facebook Page. (You will need to be logged in to an account to reach this page.)

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