Celebrating Solar Cycles—Fall Equinox Circle Online Tuesday, September 22nd, 11:00 am EDT

Each of the eight Solar Cycles has a meaning that can be experienced in our lives and in the world. Personal empowerment is enhanced through an awareness of which activities are naturally supported during the current Cycle. Connecting to the Solar Cycles also deepens our relationship to the natural world.

The Fall Equinox occurs when the Sun enters Libra--this year on September 22nd at 9:31 a.m. Eastern. The wheel of the Solar Year has turned to the time of equal light and dark when this perfect balance will shift to longer hours of darkness in the Northern Hemisphere. In the agricultural calendar, it is the time of the second harvest.

This online celebration of the Fall Equinox Cycle will:

Describe the meanings of the Autumnal Equinox Cycle

Discuss important astrological influences for this specific period

Include suggestions for rituals and foods to align with the Equinox and following weeks Provide an opportunity for inner work and personal insights through a guided meditation

A donation of $12 will reserve your place for this first of a series of online groups, via Zoom. CLICK HERE to register securely via PayPal or send this amount via Zelle to shellie@shellieenteen.com. The Zoom link will be emailed when your registration is received. Completing this registration before September 20th will be greatly appreciated.

Need more information? CONTACT ME.

I look forward to being with you in the Circle!

Shellie Enteen is an astrologer, aromatherapist, author, and interfaith reverend, with a background in holistic healing and energy work. Her practice and experience spans over 40 years. Shellie has facilitated seasonal circles for over a decade and other classes and workshops in person for over 30 years. During this time of virtual meetings, she hopes to continue sharing uplifting, empowering experiences with others, both locally and at great distance, through the gift of electronic technology.

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