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Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse 2023

While we don't always make mention of the fact as we do with a "Blue Moon"--the second Full Moon in the same month--this is the second Aries New Moon in this year. It suggests a greater emphasis on the issues of the sign and gives us another chance to create intentions for what we hope to see manifesting in those areas of our life.

This second Aries New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse; the first of the eclipse cycle in 2023. The Solar Eclipse brings and ending and a new beginning in the outer aspect of our life. And for this one, three planets plus Chiron and Eris are also in Aries. In this 23-minute podcast, I discuss what this means.

To find out more about how this and other planetary energies are affecting your birth chart, you will find information about the Natal Chart Reading on this page.

Photo: CNN

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