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Though the Harvest Moon frequently arrives in September, this one occurs on October 1st at 5:05 p.m. EDT. But by now our experience of the outer world has made us all-too familiar with the polarity between Aries and Libra. This is basically war versus peace, but also 'me' versus 'we,' and independence versus relationship.

If we equate aggression as 'good' and kindness as 'weak,' we have lost the ability to come to the middle of this opposition of Sun and Moon which is the resolution point. If we smother individuality of others and create laws and contracts around that, we are also glued to one end of the see-saw. How well does this Aries Full Moon set us up for coming to the center point?

Aries Moon is with Chiron and in the best case scenario, it is learning from the Master Teacher and Healer to temper the instinctive reactions that cause issues. Heeding this, we use the positive Aries qualities of courage and leadership. But the heightened feelings of a Full Moon may also be having a knee-jerk response to old wounds around anger and suppression.

Mars, the planetary ruler for this moon, is also retrograde in Aries and sandwiched between Eris and the Black Moon. Sometimes stirring the pot is good; sometimes it is caused by impatience with rules and the goading of others to do things without really taking all the effects into account. And Mars is still square Saturn and Pluto which generates enormous frustration. Unless we are able to detach and breathe, things can happen that we will later regret, and bruising may arise on both the physical and emotional levels if we act suddenly without noticing the obstacles in the way.

Mercury is now in the deep fixed waters of Scorpio, conjunct Juno, the asteroid of marriage and women's rights. In this Full Moon chart, it is moving to oppose Uranus, retrograde in Taurus. A determined mind, thinking of these areas will not be amenable to a change in values and worth. Financial areas are also a place of argument, surprise and potential manipulation.

So where can we turn for help? This Astrologer sees three ways to work this energy for a positive outcome:

One is following to direction of the grand trine in fire between the south node in Sagittarius, Aries Mars and Venus in Leo, conjunct Vesta, keeper of the hearth and those things we hold dear and protect. It looks like having the courage to heal old angers and conflicts by expanding consciousness out of restricting dogmas and staying true and loyal to the people and ideals we love. Another view: having the courage to love that helps us rise above dogma to find truth.

Next, we have the approaching sextile of Jupiter in Capricorn to rx Neptune in Pisces. Allow intuition to help you see beyond the agendas put forth and then create a positive vision of a more beneficial collective and personal structure.

And finally, Vesta in Leo (with Venus) forms the apex of a 'yod' or 'Finger of God' with Jupiter and Neptune. We must reconcile our personal love and creation with expansion for collective good and the inspiration of spiritual wisdom. The polarity for Vesta is in Aquarius--the good of the group, friendship and the way of the future.

I did a Facebook Live for the Equinox where I talk about Libra being the Sign of Choice. We reap what we sow--and we sow what we choose. The Full Aries Moon opposite Sun in Libra is a harvest time that shows the result of prior choices and a time for us to choose again.

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