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Aquarius New Moon--New Beginnings for the New Year

On Saturday the 21st, the Aquarius Moon joins the Sun and the New Moon arrives at 3:53 p.m. EST.

What does this New Moon foretell about the start of 2023? This LINK takes you to the 15-minute podcast.

As Mercury is slowing down to go direct this week, another curve appeared in my publishing path for The Last Priestess, Book One of the Revealing the Druid Legacy Series. I have happily corrected and resumed forward motion when I discovered as we were uploading the e-book, that a prelaunch for books other than electronic is not possible on Amazon. Instead of the prelaunch I mentioned last week, I will convey information about the book both here and on my Shellie Enteen, Author Facebook Page once Mercury goes direct (the 18th). The e-book has been formatted and the paperback should follow soon. The target publication availability is February 23rd.

Mercury was retrograde in my house of creative expression (appropriate to writing). Where it was in your chart is where the changes and rethinking will be taking place now for you.

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Art: Freydoon Rassouli

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