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A Samhain Last Harvest Festival

In the Revealing the Druid Legacy series, my Muse Anwen describes the nature of the Druid festivals she attends. In The Last Priestess, Book One of the trilogy, we find the descrption of a Last Harvest Festival in Chapter 4, First Initiation.

I have done a reading of the descriptions of the ceremony but skipping the information about Arthur and Anwen being introduced to Lady Gwendolen and her messages to both.

Hear the reading on this 16 minute podcast. May it inspire your own explorations at this Festival time.

If you have read The Last Priestess you may enjoy rereading all of this chapter. I find when I read these books again, they deliver more messages and meaning.

NOTE: I will have a limited supply of signed paperback copies of The Last Priestess and Priestess of the Realms available for gift giving or for owning yourself. The cost is the cover price plus postage. Gifts need to be ordered no later than November 15th. For more information and to order Contact Me.

Art: Yanadhyana on Deviant Art.

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