• Shellie Enteen

Your Personal Jupiter Report

Jupiter, the plant that brings expansion in material and spiritual levels in the form of opportunities, gifts, greater awareness, and luck in many areas, has gone direct in Sagittarius the sign it rules. What will the Jupiter transit in Sagittarius bring for you? And what changes and new opportunities will the shift into Capricorn on December 2nd create?

Despite the proliferation of astrological information giving out general predictions for Sun Signs, the only way to really know how Jupiter will affect you is to have a reading of your personal birth chart. Having a reading will pinpoint the times where Jupiter's gifts are active for you and the areas of life where they are operating. Knowing this helps you prepare to be in alignment with and open to the blessings, avoiding important action at times when efforts will not be rewarded.

The special Jupiter Report will cover the transit of Jupiter in your chart for the 12 months ahead, beginning with the day your order is received. You can also request guidance about specific areas--such as relationship, career, travel, finance--to see when Jupiter is most supportive.

The reading will be recorded on a downloadable mp3 link, emailed to you. It will go in a month to month pace and you can mark significant dates on your calendar. Cost: $99.00

Use this LINK to order your reading now. I will respond when I receive it and you can respond to that email with your birth information (date, time, place--which is city, state, country--and any specific questions or areas you want me to focus on. The Jupiter Report will not give a full reading of your birth chart, which can be done at the same time by adding $65.00 to your order.

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