• Shellie Enteen

Aquarius Full Moon--Observe and Love

The Aquarius Full Moon arrives on August 15th at 8:29 a.m. EDT. At the Full Moon we reach the fruition phase of our goals. The bright lunar spotlight also brings greater clarity. Still, the Moon opposing the Sun can describe a difference too hard to contain, resulting in fruition being the ‘end of the line’.

With the Full Moon in Aquarius, the polarity of difference falls between an instinctive need for freedom, equality, detached observation (Aquarius) and self-expression, romance, children, loyalty (Leo). At this Full Moon, the balance is heavily skewed in one direction.

Aquarius Moon is alone and opposing the Leo Sun, exactly conjunct Venus and also conjunct Juno and Mars (Mercury is also in Leo, though not in the degrees of opposition). This Leo line up creates great strength for the personal identity and more resistance to giving over to the group. There is also a passionate desire for loyal subjects and little interest in hearing the cause of others outside the personal domain.

Another player in this opposition is asteroid Vesta, squaring both Sun and Moon exact from Taurus, creating a fixed T square. Vesta as the midpoint is the ‘skipped-step’ which suggests a need to determine values and then fight for them could overcome our differences. In Taurus, Vesta also promotes the senses and connection to nature, as well as creating firm foundations and safe spaces for life to flourish. Perhaps if those with the Aquarian nature and those with Leo energy placed the focus on Taurus Vesta’s realm, some kind of understanding could be reached through shared concerns. The likelihood of this happening though, especially with fixed signs involved, is not great.

Jupiter, now direct, is in good aspect to Sun and Moon, which also suggests shifting focus from the polarizing views to expand consciousness and seek truth. A stumbling block is direct Jupiter is heading for the final exact square to Neptune so we may be led to over-idealize and overinflate our optimism.

Mercury in Leo is also dealing on its own with a square to Uranus, now retrograde, in Taurus. Because the mind is fixed in Leo, it is difficult to think about or accept ideas that bring changes in values or financial matters. And this adds to the reason Vesta is likely to be ignored and the polarity to continue on without resolution.

With Ceres in Sagittarius in trine to Mercury in Leo, thoughts of higher education, religion and long distance trade or travel, especially if related to foods, are subjects far easier to entertain.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is sextile Neptune and trine Vesta, suggesting some spiritual aspects could light the interior musing of authorities, but it is square dwarf planet Eris in Aries and in the disharmonious inconjunct to the Leo Sun and planets. Manipulative goading and strong ego needs can nip those softer ideas in the bud.

With the Sun, four planets and an asteroid now in Leo, even the Moon in Aquarius can get caught up in drama and seek to overpower another to get attention and applause. Be aware of this and know it is unlikely to bring positive results. Instead, we might use Aquarius to detach and observe so that we can also receive intuitive wisdom. We might use all the warm Leo energy to send love into all situations. This is the only way to truly gain the higher ground.

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