• Shellie Enteen

Black Moon?

Originally posted on my Facebook Astralessence page, after seeing one-too-many (and one's really too many) posts about this supposed event, including one claiming it was a unique viewing opportunity.


Call me a balloon-popper if you wish, but I like Astrology because of the reality it provides.To me, it's a science and an art and needs no extra-added hoopla when what it provides is worthy enough without it. However, people seem to have a need to think things are special so someone came up with this idea of the Black Moon.

If you read the hype, remember our calendar is not related to the movement of planets. It was created by a Roman Pope (Gregory) in 1582 as the 'civil and Christian ecclesiastical calendar' which made it easier to collect rents, etc.. Some people call it the 'commercial' calendar and, if you notice, unlike the sky, sun, moon or planets, it's square.

During the colonization period, Indigenous people literally fought against being forced to change their calendars. Theirs had significance in connection to sky and other levels of being (Mayan Calendar for instance).

In my opinion as an Astrologer, two New Moons in Leo would be more significant than two New Moons in a Gregorian calendar month. And this is because of the emphasis they would place on release and beginning in a particular sign. Same with two Full Moons ... not in a month, but in the same sign. These things happen, with far less fanfare.

All New Moons are 'black' (from our point of view). All the sunlight reflecting on and from the Lunar surface is on the side facing away from Earth and, despite the nifty graphics for the Black Moon, we can't even see the Moon at all during any New Moon because it's in the Sun's rays, except when the Moon passes over the Sun, creating the Solar Eclipse. But you still don't see it as the Moon, just a flat black spot, partially or completely covering the Sun.

I like astronomy and it goes hand in hand with astrology, despite what some astronomers would say, and I feel if we are aware of the sky, we are gaining back some of our innate power. For the same reason, I tell you we enter Fall on August 1st and we will see, if we're looking, the difference in light quality and some turning leaves will happen well before the Equinox in the fall, which is when the newscasters tell you we enter this season.

I believe knowing this empowers confidence in our own observations of nature. The plants, birds, and other creatures know nothing of the Gregorian Calendar and the mistake of when our seasons begin, and so they do their thing, regardless, reacting to the angle and length of daylight. I believe we'd be stronger if we did that, too.

Art: offered by Kevin Mueller on Unsplash

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