• Shellie Enteen

LEO NEW MOON--A Return To Love

The Leo New Moon arrives at 11:11 p.m. EDT on July 31st, (7/31, another 11) on the eve of the First Harvest Festival (Lughnasad/Lammas) which in the agricultural calendar marks the beginning of autumn.

The Sun and Moon in Leo conjunct Venus, suggesting money, creativity and romance as themes for our New Moon list of goals and wishes (or intentions, if you prefer) for our next lunar cycle. There is also an emphasis on children, parenting, self-expression, entertainment and drama.

However, this loving threesome is square Uranus in Taurus, indicating some surprising shifts in the mundane realm of finance, possessions, self-worth and/or values in general must be reconciled with these Leo desires or conflict will force plans to a crisis point.

Mars is also in Leo, conjunct asteroid Juno, of marriage and women’s rights, and trine Jupiter, still retrograde in Sagittarius where we will see them trying to negotiate a better deal legally and in the broader spectrum of beliefs. Mars and Juno are square to asteroid Vesta in Aquarius, which presents a challenge from the realm of freedom and unique expression of sexuality, suggesting the battle continues in terms of same-sex marriage or gender identity in the outer world. There can be issues of freedom to love in our personal lives, too.

Mercury stands stationary in Cancer, near the n node and trine retrograde Neptune in Pisces, suggesting compassionate thinking about home, family and security. But Mercury is also square trickster goddess of discord, Eris, in Aries. We must stay focused and not be led into unwise behavior that would ultimately undermine the pursuit of our goal.

Mercury is also opposing Pluto, retrograde in Capricorn and the south node with retrograde Saturn. We may have to wait for the Capricorn planets to go direct (when some change in authority may be possible), and Mercury to leave the opposing sign of Cancer, before we can see headway made on those compassionate ideas.

The Jupiter Neptune square is still in orb, giving us moments of high optimism, followed by realization of delusion; a desire to be in denial, versus using the intuitive, seeking mind to find higher truths.

If we applied ourselves to that last idea, and opened to give and receive all the love inherent in the Venus Moon Sun conjunction in Leo, we could break old, destructive patterns and reach higher levels of relating to others and the world.

The First Harvest Festival focus is on grains and bread, known as the ‘staff of life.’ Ceres, Goddess of Grains, was also responsible for our cycles of the seasons and the resulting times to reap and sow. Our dwarf planet Ceres features in this New Moon chart, having just entered Sagittarius, also a sign of ‘natural law,’ and forming a Grand Fire Trine with Leo Venus and Chiron, retrograde in Aries.

What this trine reveals is the momentum and method for a return to loving and honoring the earth and all creation. Humanity, and consequently the earth itself, have been wounded through our lack of awareness of the cycles. Humanity has forgotten the right ways to behave as responsible guardians of this earthly domain. These natural laws were followed by our ancestors and once honored by all inhabitants of this planet. We can heal through a loving return to this understanding, making that a goal for this new lunar cycle, too.

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