• Shellie Enteen

Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse--Meet Challenges With Love

The Capricorn Full Moon arrives at 5:38 p.m. Eastern on July 16th. It will be a partial Lunar Eclipse and will not be visible in the US (Sun has to be down before the Full Moon comes up). But whether we see it or not, we will feel it and it has a lot to reveal (and is already revealing).

The Capricorn-Cancer polarity is between home and family versus outer life and career; between an emotional need for security versus a drive to achieve success; between government and the people. Capricorn rules the sign that also shows our collective consensus values, while Cancer feels things personally.

For those who have been following the forecasts for a while, it will come as no surprise that this Lunar Eclipse activates the Saturn Pluto south node in Capricorn energy (as the Moon is conjunct this trio), and that this is opposing the Cancer Sun with the north node of our positive evolutionary direction, but the new player here is Venus is in Cancer, conjunct the north node, and in exact opposition to retrograde Saturn.

This means we are at an important moment in our evolution out of the old power systems with choosing an emphasis on the value of loving and nurturing all of creation, not just the Capricornian, 'select few at the top' of what is actually an imaginary mountain, created by old beliefs of superiority which were then imposed on the collective. This can change. Capricorn and Cancer are both what we call Cardinal signs; those which initiate action and create. Neptune is retrograde in Pisces and makes a trine to the Cancer trio and a sextile to the four energies in Capricorn. We can look at our collective creative visions again and make adjustments, creating something new.

Chiron in Aries, also retrograde is trine both Mars, Asteroid Juno, and retrograde Mercury in Leo. Wounds through leaders and the concept of leadership, especially where women are involved, can begin to be addressed and healed if we take positive steps in this direction. The bump in the road comes from aggression caused by fear as Mars and Mercury are caught in a square to Uranus in Taurus, suggesting the course ahead is fraught with sudden change and an upheaval in values and economics. Meanwhile the Earth herself is reeling from one geophysical surprise after another. The 'kingdom' seems unstable and open to attack.

Retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius is reviewing beliefs, and laws, too, and trines Mars in Leo, looking for ways to help positive protective action succeed. It is also square Neptune, so we may be optimistic, but we must also not go overboard with our imagination.

Using the positive Capricorn energies of building strong structures and combining this with a focus on seeing a future including more support for all the creatures of the world we live on can make great things happen. This method would work for each of us as individuals while this Lunar Eclipse reveals aspects of our relationships and feelings.

We all affect the collective mind, even in our personal relationships, with our emotions and our thoughts. When we choose to let the light reveal where we need to shift, what we see makes a difference in how we act and what we experience. This kind of influence extends into the collective mind as well. Let’s use this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to create something beautiful, loving, and lasting.

Retrograde Jupiter in Sag in aspect to Neptune suggests the power of ritual to strengthen the vision.

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Art Benjamin Voros free image on Unsplash