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Evolutionary Nodes in Capricorn Cancer--The Karma of Hierarchy

Updated: Feb 13

Our collective evolutionary direction shifted on November 6, 2018, when the south node left Aquarius and entered Capricorn; north node left Leo and entered Cancer. These are both Cardinal Signs—active, generating, creative. Saturn, lord of time and karma, rules Capricorn and Cancer is ruled by the fluctuating feeling tides of the Moon.

Lunar nodes refer to the plane of the ecliptic; a point in space where the alignment of Earth, Sun and Moon will create the lunar or solar eclipse. We all have lunar nodes in our birth chart. The south node shows misuse of a sign’s qualities, focusing on the negative tendencies. It is the ‘easy way,’ resorted to in a habitual, unthinking manner. Our challenge is to consciously choose and support the positive qualities. We may then use it as the step-up to the north node; the sign whose positive qualities we are meant to cultivate. And along with this, there is the backdrop of the current year-and-a-half transit of the nodes that all of us on earth are working to master.

This nodal pairing of south node Capricorn, north node Cancer was last with us from April 10th of 2000 to October 13th of 2001. We might remember events in our personal lives connected to these nodes and there was a significant event in the US a month before the nodes changed signs in 2001. The outer planets were in different signs then, notably Jupiter, which was in the sign of the north node, Cancer, for this transit. This would expand the sense of family, security, home and patriotism (the country as our home).

Our current transit of the lunar nodes will be an important player in the lead-up to the coming Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, exact in January of 2020. During 2019, the south node will contact Saturn (late April) and Pluto (early April), but at the point of the Saturn Pluto conjunction, Jupiter will join the south node in Capricorn, along with Centaur Pholus (‘the lid comes off, listen to your gut wisdom’).

Without the Centaur’s involvement, we might expect a straightforward expansion of the conservative, corporate, government structures and our personal focus on negative Capricorn issues detailed below. But a Centaur is a ‘trickster’ and will shoot arrows into our current views, revealing truths threatening to these old positions. Depending on how open we are both personally and culturally, what is expected may not be what occurs. Instead, a surprising shift may alter traditional structures and societal agreements that will begin to reflect expanded consciousness both personally and collectively.

We can prepare for this and work with the lunar nodes consciously by recognizing negative issues of the south node in Capricorn and choosing to see things differently:

  • a frustrated feeling of unrecognized superiority

  • intense focus on the outer world—career, status, achievement, respect—to the detriment of home, family, relationships

  • being over-cautious about life choices and actions to avoid ridicule

  • fearing known things (in the world) and avoiding them

  • believing the path to success used by others is the only way to get there

  • believing that the ends justify the means

  • choosing a life partner based on family approval or their status in the world

  • overdependence on authorities and the need to be an authority

  • negation of what cannot be seen or measured

  • negative attitudes toward the emotions of others and those in need

  • lack of generosity on a material and personality level

  • belief in superiority of one race, nationality, religion, or gender (Capricorn is the sign of the Patriarchy) and snobbery in general

We can see that it is through the sign of Capricorn that we solidify our judgments into a system of ‘hierarchy’ with the belief that only one person can be at the top of the mountain. (“There can be only one number one.”) All things fall under this scrutiny. An example is jobs, with some deemed worthy of higher salaries than others (even though these lower-paying jobs may perform extremely necessary functions). The judgments are subjective and are agreed upon by others in what is called ‘consensus- mind beliefs.’

No matter how strongly we adhere to these societal evaluations, they can change over time. A current example of this change is becoming an actor. In the not-so-distant past this profession was looked down upon and poorly paid. Now it is a pathway to admiration, emulation, wealth, and even public office. It is good to realize judgments are not 'written in stone.'

We are meant to cultivate the positive Capricorn qualities:

  • persevering toward a goal despite all difficulties

  • patience and understanding the need for right timing

  • being dependable and reliable

  • making a contribution to society

  • sharing achievements and resources

  • giving guidance in areas of personal expertise

  • building and maintaining structures to secure family and society

  • making wise choices through understanding the karmic results of actions

And from here, we can reach the positive Cancer qualities:

  • nurturing--emotionally, through food, and activities

  • providing clothing and comfort

  • providing security and shelter

  • being sensitive to the needs of others

  • creating and supporting family and community

  • honoring the mother/feminine qualities

  • honoring cycles and feelings

In essence, during this lunar node transit, we are asked to bring a positive balance between the masculine and feminine and to release the need to feel ‘better or lesser than’ someone else. We are also asked to release the belief in the innate superiority of an authority and move into the self-empowerment of personal sovereignty.

The houses of the natal chart that hold this transit will be the areas where events show up to highlight this polarity. At times these nodes may join or make other aspects to planets in the natal chart. People born with this and the opposite polarity (south node Cancer, north node Capricorn) will have an accelerated opportunity for evolution. Knowing the timing and location of these events can help us deal with situations in a way that assists personal growth and the best possible outcome for all.

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